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Chronic pain management with the help of Psychologist

Managing pain with the help of mind science is prevalent in chronic pain management. Psychologists are specialists in helping people cope with the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that come along with chronic pain. Psychologists may work independently along with individuals through independent practice or as a part of healthcare team in a clinical setting. Healthcare providers may refer patients with chronic pain to psychologists in their close network and offer solutions in physical and emotional aspects of pain.


Quite often the physical pain of the patient with chronic pain may be in some way connected with the emotional health due to strained relationships like divorce, separation, death of close one or due to increased liability (loans) or due to colossal loss in business or loss of job. During a session with psychologist the patient is allowed to discuss physical and emotional health. The key is to reduce emotional pain that influences physical pain in many ways. This closed door session is recorded live for further reference and record. Normally a questionnaire is prepared in advance and the patient is asked about his/her own thoughts or feelings about pain. Further plan of treatment is based on understanding and assessing the concerns of the patient with the help of psychologist.


The next role of the psychologist is to counsel the patient on his/her psychological state and steps to be taken by friends/family members to help the patient in dealing with pain psychologically. This is probably more important of the two roles executed by the psychologist in chronic pain management.


Medical therapy mostly consists of regular dose of Tapentadol 100mg as directed by medical expert. This is an opioid analgesic which helps in binding the opioid receptors and disconnecting the source of pain from the brain. This makes the brain react differently to pain symptoms giving patient the much needed relief. If the drug is taken for a long duration it begins to lose its effect. Randomly increasing the dose without the doctor’s knowledge may cause serious side effects like addiction or death. Keep Tapentadol away from children and pets. Do not stop the drug suddenly as the cold turkey effect may further worsen your condition (withdrawal symptoms).


Pregnant women and those nursing their infants should first consult their healthcare experts before starting with Tapentadol as the drug can harm the foetus or create serious complications in breastfeeding infant.


Those who have been on MAO inhibitors for the last 14 days should not take Tapentadol to avoid drug interaction.

Source: http://www.genericwellness.com/Buy-Aspadol-100mg-Tablets-Tramadol-100mg-Tablets.php

Managing Hypotrichosis of Eyelash hair with Generic Latisse

Apart from making your eyes look gorgeous and more feminine, long and healthy eyelashes protect your eyes from foreign particles which can potentially damage your vision. They are sensitive to bright light, dust and insects trying to get inside your eyes and cause irritation. They also save your eyes from direct sunlight and sweat from entering inside.


Thinning of eyelashes or scanty growth is called Hypotrichosis of Eyelashes. The causes for this condition can be many. It could be hereditary, due to injury or surgery close to the eyelid, cosmetic reaction or due to certain harsh medical therapies like chemotherapy. Whatever be the causes, thin or scanty eyelashes make you feel embarrassed before your peers and colleagues who have long and healthy looking lashes. It dents your confidence during important events, meetings  or presentations in your workplace...


So what do you do to manage this condition called Hypotrichosis of eyelashes?


In December 2008 American FDA approved an eye serum called Latisse (Bimatoprost 0.03%), produced by Allergen USA, as a safe drug to treat Hypotrichosis of eyelashes. Since then Hollywood actresses, women from the world of glamour and entertainment have promoted Latisse for growing long and full eyelashes naturally. But the drug was sold at premium cost which only the rich women could afford. The revolutionary drug was limited to rich and famous. Later when the monopoly patent of Allergen expired pharma companies were given licence to manufacture cheap Latisse (generic version) which can be bought by average earning women. The generic brands of Latisse are  Careprost (Sun Pharma) and Bimat (Ajanta Pharma). Both these drugs are in huge demand in international market due to their marvellous effect and minimum side effects. You can log in at Generic Wellness website and buy your stock of Generic Latisse online.


The main active ingredient of both Generic Latisse and branded Latisse is same – Bimatoprost. It contains prostaglandin (a natural fat) which stimulates the hair follicle of eyelashes and increases their Anagen Phase or growth phase. As a result the eyelashes after sustained use of drug grow magnificently. After 16 week of daily application of eye serum your eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker with natural curls. This lifts your glamour quotient by huge notches and result in unrelenting attention from your peers and colleagues!


Generic Latisse is a prescription drug and requires eye expert’s advice and prescription. It   comes along with a set of 60 sterile disposable applicators that are used for systematically applying the drug to the eyelashes. Ask for a demo from your eye expert. Use Latisse as directed by your doctor. Make sure that you are not allergic to the drug. Use one applicator for one eye and discard it to avoid any infection. Do not share your drug or applicators with anyone else with similar condition without consulting the eye expert.


The common side effects of Generic Latisse are red itchy eyes, dry eyes and sensitivity to light, wind and dust. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their healthcare expert about the safety of drug before using it. Choose bed time to apply Latisse to your eyelashes. Remove your contacts and mascara before applying eye serum to your eyes.


In order to maintain the long glowing eyelashes use Generic Latisse at least three nights in a week. If you stop using Generic Latisseour eyelashes go back to your original look.